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Before I tell you about my company, let me tell you about myself. I'm Marvin Mann, an accomplished and talented photographer in St. Augustine, Florida. Not only have I photographed special events such as weddings, and other celebrations, I have photographed many celebrities and entertainers as well. My pictures have appeared on the cover and centerfold of various magazines


My portraits capture the inner self of those I have photographed, I specialize in family portraits, - those pictures have been known to bring tears to the eyes of loved ones. Clients have told me that the picture I have taken is the most flattering one of them that they have ever seen.


My scenics and landscapes have found a market in the art community and can be purchased in galleries or my studio as well as here online.


We live in a new age, the digital age, and Have Camera has embraced the new technology with open arms. Not only can we restore your old damaged photograph of Aunt Tille or Uncle Al, but now I can do it in style! We can remove unwanted backgrounds, skin blemishes or stray hair. Remember that "would have been" great picture if only you hadn't closed your eyes at the last moment? If you can provide me with another picture of the same subject, I can fix it!


We can also print your photograph in any size from 3" x 5" up to Billboard size. We can also put your pictures on CD or Zip disc so you can share your pictures via the Internet.


Whatever your photographic needs, be it wedding, portrait or any special occasion, restoring, repairing as well as printing from the smallest to billboard size, we can do it all. Contact me at Have Camera Will Travel and let us create a lasting memory for your family or company.




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