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Selecting the correct wedding photographer for your individual needs should be one of the most important decisions in the preparation of your wedding. There are many considerations to be dealt with, in addition to the cost.

Of course, one needs to work within a budget. So, let's start out by saying that it's difficult to pay too much for something you really like. Yet, the initial price is usually the one obstacle that prevents many couples from selecting the photographer whoSaint Augustine wedding photographerun- doubtedly could give them the best value for their money.

Quite often the difference between the price of the wedding photography you really like and the photography who you feel is "within your budget" is miscalculated. Understandably, of course! When wedding plans come down to the dollars and cents, it's hard to keep spending" a little more here.... And a little more there." Somewhere along the line, you may feel, you have to give a little. There's only so much money available.

One can and should expect to get an estimate for the cost of the wedding pictures on the telephone. At the same time, you should not expect to be given details about the sizes and numbers of pictures, before sitting down with the wedding photographer face to face.


So, then how much money should your pictures cost? Prices can beSaint Augustine wedding photographeras different as the time, talent and technique of the wedding photography being considered. Certainly, among competent photographers, in the highly competitive areas, or among photographers in their formative years, you can expect to begin at around a twelve hundred dollars. Spending less than that would be a high-risk gamble.... And not worth the "savings".


When considering the cost of the photographer, you really want to know the "final" price, more than the "asking" price. It may be good thing to ask the photographer's opinion as to how much he thinks it would cost you to get complete coverage that would please you and, at the same time, make it worthwhile for the photographer to put forth a total effort.


There are other serious considerations when selecting a wedding photographer. Your primary focus should be on the photographer's ability and his desire to be flexible. In particular; 


  • Does the wedding photographer have a philosophy and "game plan" for what he or she would like to accomplish on you're wedding day?
  • Can the photographer adapt his or her approach to include well-executed formal portraiture (as much or as little as you prefer) that doesn't appear to be stiff or unnatural?
  • Is the photographer willing to include candid and photojournalistic images as a part of the wedding coverage?
  • If you are interested in Black and White or Hand Colored images, is the photographer qualified and willing to provide these services?
  • Without causing stress, will the photographer be able to work sufficiently well within the time parameters set up by you and/or the bridal coordinator as to when the photographs will be taken?
  • Does the photographer have any knowledge of facial analysis, so that he/she can create the most flattering pictures of each subject?
  • Does the photographer retouch the close-up photographs?
  • Is the photographer willing to stay at the wedding as long as necessary to complete the wedding day coverage? (Be sure to plan on feeding the photographer and assistants!)
  • Will the photographer be limiting the coverage, depending on the plan that you select?
  • What is the photographer's policy regarding change of dates and/or unforeseen cancellations?
  • What is the photographer's policy for the selection of the finished photographs?
  • Is the photographer willing to provide references (with phone numbers) from satisfied clients?

If, after meeting with your photographer, you feel confident that this would be a sound investment in your future happiness with the photographic memories of your wedding day, you should be prepared to make a commitment. At this time, you should ask to have all the details on the method of payment, and be prepared to leave a deposit to hold the date.


Once a competent photographer is secured for your wedding date, rest assured that this is, undoubtedly, one of the best and most intelligent decisions that you could make in the planning of your wedding.


Remember, you're going to be concerned with the price only one time.... When you buy. But, you're going to be concerned with the quality of the wedding photography for the rest of your life.



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